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Hetal Bulsara, creator of The House of Taste


Welcome to my kitchen, my dear friends! I am a proud mama of two wonderful boys - Rishaan and Rishay, a loving wife to my husband, Parimal, a passionate food photographer, and a skilled recipe developer.

Although I was raised in Africa (Malawi) and spent 10 years in England, I now call Canada home, but my cultural roots are West Indian (Gujarati).

Traveling the world has given me a great appreciation for diverse flavors, and my time in the kitchen fuels my creativity to develop unique and delicious dishes. My love for food and understanding of its intricacies were passed down to me by my mom, Hansa, an authentic Indian cook with a sixth sense for flavor and technique. She encouraged my passion from a young age and taught me how to cook with confidence.

Growing up, I would eagerly anticipate the weekly recipe section of the Sunday Nation newspaper, and by age 10, I was already making coconut-coated marshmallows, Indian bread (bhakri), and caramel-coated popcorn from scratch. I have since honed my skills in recognizing flavors and pairing them harmoniously to create mouth-watering dishes and baked goods.

My dad, Mahesh, has an impeccable palate, and our shared love for a good meal made me a harsh critic of my own cooking.

In addition to creating delicious food, I have an artistic eye for styling and photographing it beautifully, and this has led me to where I am today.

At The House of Taste, I'm thrilled to share my passion for food by creating recipes and photography that will impress and inspire you. I promise that every recipe is crafted with care and love and presented in easy-to-follow steps. Each photo is of the highest quality, tailored to your exact specifications.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my site, and I hope that my contributions to your food journey have been meaningful.

I invite you to explore all of the unique content I have to offer and discover what excites you. Are you ready to be inspired?

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