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Ghee or Clarified butter (that fail-proof method)

Ghee is the foundation to the taste of a lot of Indian dishes, and I have noticed that making fresh homemade ghee makes a huge difference to the flavor of the dish. This superfood is a staple in our home and very easy to make with only one ingredient. There’s lots of ways to make ghee but this easy method works for me every time.

Prep time - 2 minutes

Cook time - 20 minutes

Total time - 22 minutes

Ghee is a fragrant, clear liquid with a nutty flavour and high smoke point, it is commonly used to fry, sauté and roast with. Freshly made ghee is best also when making Indian sweet dishes.

It's rare not to find healthful Ghee in our home, because it is packed with vitamins, antioxidants and healthy fats. It also aids in digestion and immunity. I try to eat at-least one teaspoon a day in my meal and include it in as many dishes as I can on a daily basis in moderate amounts.

This golden liquid is also an Ayurvedic gem, it is said to contribute to a healthy digestion, is safer for the heart than an other refined oils and great for the immune system.

If you are one of those people that spend a-lot of money on jars of store bought ghee, please give this a try, this really easy to follow recipe, and the cost is just the cost of butter.

Your questions answered

Does it matter what kind of butter I use?

It does not matter which butter you use, I use the Kirkland brand from Costco. Although keep in mind that if you make ghee using unsalted butter, you will want to add more salt to your dish as the taste might need to be balanced.

How long do I cook the ghee for.

This really depends on the thickness of your pot and how hot the low heat setting is on your stove. 1 cup of butter should take roughly 15-20 minutes but keep an eye to check the colour, when it turns golden brown and the fat settled at the bottom of the pot is brown, your ghee is ready. You may need to move the white stuff floating on the top to the side with a teaspoon to see the colour of the ghee. Stay close by so the ghee doesn't burn.

What can I use ghee for?

It's so yummy and healthy, the list is endless but here are a few suggestions:

- Scrambled eggs

- Roast potatoes

- Curries

- Basmati rice

How can I make more or less ghee?

This is so easy to do, use the same method, simply alter the size of the pot and length of time that you cook the ghee for. For more ghee it would take longer and for less ghee it would take a smaller pot and smaller amount of time. I recommend not using a pot that's too big.

Can I use butter straight from the refrigerator or does it have to be room temperature?

You can absolutely use cold butter, I do it all the time!

How can I make the ghee grainy?

Simply add a teaspoon of lemon juice after around 10 minutes, the acidity will cause the ghee to split, creating beautiful grains.

Ghee or clarified butter recipe

Prep time

2 minutes

Cook Time

20 minutes

Total Time

22 minutes


1 cup


1 cup salted butter (unsalted also works)


1. Let’s start by adding 1 cup of salted butter to a small pot, on a very low temperature.

2. Now leave this pot on the stove. It will go through a number of physical changes. First the ghee will melt, then it will start to bubble. When you see white milk protein floating to the top and the fat stuck to the bottom of the pot, with the liquid a beautiful golden colour, it is ready. You may need to use a teaspoon to push aside the white milk protein so that you can see through to the bottom of the pot.

Mine took 20 minutes but follow what you see in the pot because it can be different depending on the heat and the thickness of the pot base. When you protein starts floating on the top, stay nearby to keep checking the colour of the ghee, you don't want to burn it!

3. Remove the pot from the hot stove and allow the liquid to cool in the pot, then strain it using a cheese cloth over a sifter. Your ghee is ready. It’s always a good idea to cover the ghee in an air tight container. Mine is usually used up within a week at room temperature, and I make it in small batches so every-time I use it, it’s fresh.



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